About Business Builder Ads

The Business Builder- Small Business Management Suite or Business Builder App is a planning and management app for start ups and small businesses. The app comes with a host of record keeping, document creating as well as productivity tools to help entrepreneurs get their best foot forward. This ad service is meant to compliment our efforts and provide even more opportunities for business partnerships for our target audience.

Our logic

Our mission is to help people grow their businesses and this also includes linking them with like minded individuals or those who are better positioned to meet their needs. It is therefore imperative that small businesses start doing business with other small businesses as they prepare for the big leagues. It is therefore part of our strategic plan to connect Business builders, and our ad service becomes our platform to do that.

Our audience

Why choose us?

  • Our users are business oriented individuals who either want to start or are already in business. These are individuals looking for opportunities, goods and services as well as resources and partnerships to help them further their businesses.
  • We can easily target individuals by their industry and sector, number of employees, years in business etc.
  • We provide flexible advertising options for any budget and size of business.
  • We have users from over 59 countries and this provides a large pool and even more opportunities for advertisers.

How much does it cost?

The Business Builder Ad service uses the Cost Per Mille(CPM) method of calculating costs. The charges in the table below are thus for every 1000 impressions of your interstitial, banner or native ad. Other advertising alternatives are to be discussed separately with our team.

Business Builder Ads Rate Card

Ad unitCost
Banner ad$3.00
Native ad$10.00
SponsorshipsAs per negotiation
Branded ContentAs per negotiation

Methods of payment

We accept payment via Visa/MasterCard, Payoneer, V-payments, Ecocash, Onemoney and Telecash. Other modes of payment can be discussed with our team.


The Business Builder Ad service sends out reports daily at specific intervals so you will be able to monitor and keep track of the effectiveness of your campaign.


The Business Builder Ads platform reserves the right to publish or unpublish any ads that are not in line with its community standards or is not in accordance with any judicial laws without any warning or prior written consent.

Get in touch

If you would like to join the program please click the button above or send us an email at ads[at] or using our contact form.