8 free tools for new android app developers

Getting started as an app developer, I was clueless about a lot of things. Over time and through multiple headaches, I came across a number of tools that made the app development process easier. In this article I share some of those tools and I hope they will serve you as they have done me. I will not be discussing the main developer platforms, but tools that one can call on during their development process. I had no budget when I began, so most of these tools are entirely free to use. Intro out of the way, let’s get into the best free tools for app developers.


When developing apps you will need to create icons for your menus and headings. To save on time you can download Iconic. It is an app which comes with about 8316 app icons that you can customize you suit and blend into your app. You can set your brand colours and create as many icons as you need for your project. Iconic is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play.


As part of your App Store Optimization, you will need to create screenshots of how your app looks. These will be displayed on your playstore listing. App wrap comes with 74 devices to choose from as well as 6 templates that you can customize. It also comes with the option to create your own screenshots using custom colour palettes. This app will help you create beautiful screenshots of your app to showcase to your users.

Norio will help you easily generate a feature graphic for your Google Play listing. There are specific requirements with regard to the dimensions of your graphic and norio takes care of that.


When marketing your app, presentation is everything. Using postermywall you can easily find templates that you can customize and add your own details to create beautiful posters. It has a free tier as well as paid platforms but for beginners, the free plan will do.

Your App will need a privacy policy and as a beginner you might not have enough funds to pay a lawyer. Try out Free Privacy Policy and generate a privacy policy for your app in just a few minutes. It also comes with a translation service, so you can have your privacy policy translated into a number of languages.

App Annie

Once your app has been published to the Playstore, App Annie will give you insights about your app as well as the words that you are ranking for. This will guide your keyword decisions and in the long run it will help improve your number of downloads. It will show you how you’re performing in various countries as well as your App’s ranking over time. App Annie allows you to use some of its features for free, and for a beginner, these will do. You should seek to upgrade for even more insights as you grow.

Your Google Play listing will do better if you have a video to showcase your App’s features and encourage potential users to download it. Using renderforest you can create beautiful, professional looking videos to add to your store listing. You can download a low quality version of your video for free, but can upgrade to get an HD quality version of the video without their watermark.

keyword planner

When updating your store listing, it is important to try and anticipate what your potential users might type in search of your app. The easiest way to do this, is using Google’s keyword planner. Keyword planner allows you to type in a few words and then gives other suggestions of keywords that you can use. It will show you the search volume for each word as well as how much advertisers would pay for each word. The idea is to get the best keywords and let users find you easily. Keyword planner is free to use and

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