Small business management suite for start ups

The Business Builder- Small Business Management Suite is an android planning and management app. The app is a combination of planning, productivity, time management and accounting tools. So this makes it the perfect companion for start-ups and small business owners. These tools have been carefully selected for anyone who wants to start a business.


Lady holding the Business Builder Small Business management suite app.

Use your mobile device to plan and create a bankable business plan. The Business Builder App comes with two business plan templates. One is a full plan and the other is a lean plan which you can therefore use for meetings, discussions and presentations.


Lady viewing a screen with the Business Builder Small Business Management Suite app

Use the Business Builder’s inbuilt productivity tools to also organize your activities and resources for optimum results. Sort and organize your contacts for easy reference. Keep stock of your inventory and daily activities so as to ensure peak performance.


Finger pressing the screen with the Business Builder small business management suite  app.

Manage and monitor all aspects of your business affairs from your mobile device. View reports and measure performance so as make quick decisions on the go.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Small business management suite

Connect with a network of business minded individuals

Advertise with us and easily take advantage of the Business Builder App’s global reach. The Business Builder android app has been downloaded by over 90000 users worldwide. These are users from all sectors and range from idea level to 10 year business veterans. This therefore makes it a perfect platform to connect with business oriented individuals. We will therefore soon be launching a community section in the app. This will also help users to find products and connect with other potential Business partners.

The app is urrently available in English and French, so we are working on the German and Spanish translations.

What people say about Business Builder- Small Business Management Suite

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what others had to say about us.

This is by far the best planning and management tool. I highly recommend it for start ups and new businesses.

Martin Moyo

Having been in enterprise development as a professional advisor and mentor for some time now, this is the best app that I have yet seen. Explore it’s intricacies and I am sure you will agree.

Brennan Williams (Global Enterprise Academy)

Really helpul app. It helped me write my business plan so I have no regrets.

Nomalanga Ndlovu (Edna’s Cleaners and Maids)